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Empowering Change: The Choices Mentoring Initiative Civil Rights and College Tour, Atlanta, Georgia

The Choices Mentoring Initiative Civil Rights and College Tour, Atlanta, Georgia, stands as a testament to the power of teamwork and relational approaches in making impactful strides.

Spearheaded by dedicated board members Jerome Edgerton Jr, Deborah Salmon, and Jean Luc Ahouan, the Choices Mentoring Initiative not only showcased the importance of mentorship but also highlighted the transformative potential of unconditional relationships with youths and individuals within the community

Central to the success of the tour were the mentees themselves, who served as beacons of inspiration and resilience, with support from their parents and mentors. With their profound understanding of the choices they make in navigating their environments, reflecting inwardly, and cultivating meaningful relationships, these mentees exemplified the very essence of empowerment.

Next week we will dive into the

Choices Mentoring Initiative planning

Choices Mentoring Initiative in the Skies and

Choices Mentoring Initiative Day One Atlanta, GA.

Dr. Bilé

📣2024 Choices Mentoring CROWDFUNDING Campaign Coming Soon📣

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