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Welcome to the Mentees Hub

The Choices Mentoring Initiative Mentees Page serves as a central hub offering valuable insights, resources, and support for young individuals as they navigate various aspects of life.

What you can expect to find

Uncover tips and tricks to keep your education journey exciting and vibrant, ensuring you reach your maximum potential.

Volunteer Ventures

Dive into inspiring tales and chances to give back to your community, igniting a sense of responsibility and kindness within you.

Exploring Beyond

Embark on unconventional journeys and discover unique opportunities beyond the ordinary, encouraging you to chase your passions, from poetry, music, drama, and domestic to international travel.


Getting involved in interactive activities, exploring workshops and camps, connecting with STEM clubs or groups, delving into STEM-related hobbies or projects, and reaching out for mentorship or internships in STEM areas.

Community Connections

Explore ideas and actions to actively participate in and enrich your local community, forming bonds and making a positive impact.

Family Bonds

Get the support and tools you need to strengthen family ties and tackle life's hurdles together, fostering unity and a sense of belonging.

Social-Emotional Learning Skils

Learn to manage stress, and nurture a deeper understanding of your thoughts and emotions.


Delve into resources and advice on finding yourself, embracing who you are, and being boldly unique, empowering you to express yourself confidently.

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Summer Camps

Summer camps to learn new skills, broaden your social circle, boost your confidence, explore career paths, enjoy hands-on learning, and make unforgettable memories.

Keep an eye out for updates, tales of triumph, and fresh content on our Mentees Page as we continue championing and uplifting the next generation!


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