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Choices Mentoring Initiative

The mission of the Choices Mentoring Initiative is to build relationships that connect young people to themselves, their families, and their communities with learned skills that increase the feeling of value and inclusion, mutual respect, and self-identity. We work with youth to develop an understanding of themselves through the traversal of knowledge and skills to nurture their self-situation and identity.

Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

Community support for Choices' youth

Volunteer, Participate, or Donate

 I have seen how much he has grown comfortable in his skin. He doesn’t have to fit in, he just belongs. With the encouragement of the group, I see him trying new things and learning more about himself.

-Michelle, parent

The Choices Mentoring Initiative's Game Changers Video presentation at the NAACP Freedom Fund Awards 2023 served as a testament to the importance of mentorship in driving social progress and empowering future generations to overcome obstacles and achieve their full potential.

Help us empower Berkshire youth!

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Introducing the Choices Mentoring Initiative Anthem, a powerful composition crafted by the talented Dr. Bilé! 🎶 This anthem resonates with the spirit of empowerment and growth, echoing the mission of Choices Mentoring Initiative to inspire and guide the next generation. 

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