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Choices Mentoring Initiative Highlights

Vance Smith presents "The Duality of Winning and Losing."

On Tuesday, 3/26/2024, Choices Mentoring Initiative presented Vance Smith, an accomplished jazz musician, personal trainer, 7th-degree Kokikai Aikido black belt, and proud father/grandfather to provide an enlightening talk on "The Duality of Winning and Losing."


 Mark, one of our talented mentees from Choices Mentoring Initiative, showcased his skills on the bass guitar, performing before and after Vance Smith's presentation at the Berkshire Dream Center. 


Below are some pictures of the event

Vance Smith 16.jpg
Vance Smith 15.jpg
Vance Smith 11.jpg
Vance Smith 7.jpg
Vance Smith 13.jpg
VaNCE sMITH 17.jpg
Vance Smith 12.jpg
Vance Smith 3.jpg
Vance Smith 14.jpg
Vance Smith 2.jpg
Vance Smith 4.jpg
Vance Smith 9.jpg
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